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Vancouver Burials At Sea Rental
Burial At Sea Vancouver


Let us take you, your guests and your loved one to a place of Peace and Serenity. Amidst stunning landscapes and majestic beauty your ceremony will be transcendent and comforting. We’ll help you select from several tranquil locations where the scenery and wilderness make these areas the sacred gems of our planet and fit for the services and celebrations of our most cherished and respected friends and relatives.


Our planners will help you with several different options depending on your wishes and specific requirements. We can transport you and your guests to many different water locations around Vancouver including Indian Arm, Rocky Point, Fraser River, Pitt River, Pitt Lake, Alouette Lake, Stave Lake and Cultus Lake. You can choose to scatter ashes or use a biodegradable urn. Flowers and petals add to the beauty of the ceremony.


Call us for ideas on beautiful, serene and peaceful locations that can only be accessed by boat. We can show you locations that are not well known to the general public.

Burials at Sea

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